LEGO®️ Minifigure®️ Series 18

Coming April 2018 is Series 18! The first un-franchised series in a while we can look forward to a few unique minifigure to celebrate 60 Years of LEGO.

Sneak peek via @9to5toys


We can expect the following minifigures in stores, but don’t think they’ll be as easy to find as Batman! Only a certain amount of figures are in each box! Shock horror. But when in doubt and it’s quiet just ask one of the wondering LEGO staff in store to help!

LEGO Brick Suit Guy x5
LEGO Brick Suit Girl x5
Dragon Suit Guy x4
Firework Guy x4
Unicorn Guy x4
Spider Suit Boy x4
Birthday Cake Guy x4
Flowerpot Girl x4
Cowboy Costume Guy x4
Cactus Girl x3
Cat Costume Girl x3
Race Car Guy x3
Elephant Girl x3
Party Clown x3
Birthday Party Girl x3
Birthday Party Boy x3
Classic Policeman x1


Looks like Classic Policeman will be our ‘Hard to Find’ but at least LeGo Suit Boy/Girl will be easier to find.


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