LEGO Ideas TRON (21314) Coming In April

It’s Official! The Tron: Legacy inspired build will be hitting stores in April’ish, for the 2nd quarter of LEGO set releases of 2018.

Design entered to LEGO Ideas.
Design entered to LEGO Ideas.

Based on the LEGO Ideas submission which originally consisted of only one Tron Cycle and one minifigure.

The official set has definitely bulked up the package with a final count of two Tron Cycles and three minifigures (plus accessories 😉)



The newest addition to the Ideas Collection, following the likes of the Ship in a Bottle, Wall-E and The Big Bang Theory we can expect prices to be similar – £30 to £80 – But other than its official name and set number, no further details were given regarding its price or piece count as expected from LEGO’s way of revealing new sets.

As a highly anticipated set for 2018, someone will always post a leak, but this one isn’t so bad – here’s a peak at the 3 new minifigures.


Well I know what I’m getting this spring, do you?


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